30 Days Sleeping on the My Pillow Mattress

The pros, cons, who should get it, and what to expect from My Pillow's new 10" Memory Foam Mattress

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Who's Sleeping On It?

Your size, sleeping position, and general lifestyle can make a big difference in the type of mattress you find comfortable. I tend to like things a little bit softer, while my SO likes a very supportive mattress. 

Me: Around 115 lbs, side sleeper, some chronic back pain

My SO: About 230 lbs, back and stomach sleeper

It can take a month to adjust to a new mattress (especially if it’s firmer than your old one), and there was a big difference in week one to week four in how comfortable My Pillow’s mattress felt. 

So Should This Be Comfortable?

Mattress firmness is ranked from 1 to 10, with one being a very soft mattress, and 10 being very hard.  As a general rule, back and stomach sleepers as well as people who are average sized to larger tend to like firmer mattresses, while smaller people and side sleepers tend to prefer the extra contouring you get from a soft mattress. From personal experience, this seems about right – I like support, but don’t sink very well into firmer types memory foam. 

The My Pillow mattress falls close to the middle, at about a 6.5-7, so medium firm. This is right in my SO’s range, and on the firm end of where my recommendations would be. 

First Impressions

Unboxing and Setup

For a bed-in-a-box, this one was pretty light, weighing around 60-70 lbs for a queen size. This made it easy to carry/drag despite being packaged in a fairly large box, and it’s something I could easily set up on my own. 

The mattress comes compressed and wrapped in plastic, along with a small tool to cut through the packaging.  

My Pillow Mattress Review Tool

Cutting tool - worked as intended, no issues getting the packaging off

Bed in a box. Slides out easily and fairly lightweight.

It’s definitely well wrapped – there was a solid 20 feet of binding to unroll to get to the mattress itself.  

Once you cut into the plastic, this thing expands fast – I planned to do a time lapse from opening to full size, but by the time I finished cutting, it had already expanded to 9″ of the full 10″ thickness. 

My Pillow Review Mattress Setup

So much unrolling...

I’d recommend taking it out in the bedroom/guestroom you plan on using it in to save the hassle of moving a solid foam mattress around, but even with that, it wasn’t very difficult. The total time for unboxing and setup was about 10 minutes, and would have been faster in the bedroom. 

Memory foam can have a sort of chemical smell when it’s first unpacked, but I didn’t notice any particular odor with this one. I could have used it right out of the box if I had wanted to. 

Overall, the setup was super easy, the mattress could be used right away, and I was pretty happy. 

What It's Made Of

This is a 10″ mattress with four different foam layers for cooling, contouring and support, plus a soft, plush fabric cover. It uses CertiPUR-US certified materials, which means the foams meet general standards for safety and eco-friendliness.  The layers are: 

  1. High Airflow Comfort Foam – this is to combat one of the main complaints in memory foam; it can sleep hot, and tends to trap body heat in the summer. By adding a cooling foam layer, they’ve set it up to draw heat away from the body, making it better for year-round use (I’ve found this to be true – I’m in southern AZ and haven’t felt overly hot with it). 
  2. Extra Soft Comfort Foam Transition Layer – this is a high-density foam that’s made to provide more give than a standard memory foam
  3. Plush Transitional Comfort Foam – layer between the comfort and supportive foams so it doesn’t suddenly feel like you’ve hit a solid block.
  4. Supportive Base Foam Layer – this is the same foam that’s used in My Pillow’s other products, so if you like their support, this will probably work well for you too. 

Sleeping on the My Pillow Mattress - Week 1

We were going to My Pillow’s mattress from a conventional innerspring, so first impression was that this felt firm. Not bad necessarily, but definitely more solid, and with less traditional bounce than I’m used to from a mattress. Our impressions: 

  • Me – it’s definitely different; I sink into the top layer a bit, but definitely not into the second. It doesn’t feel hard necessarily, but I’m more aware of the mattress underneath me than is generally the case. It’s firmer than I’m used to, but not hard like a bad innerspring can be. Not quite sure I loved it, but I slept surprisingly well, and felt fine when I woke up. 
  • My SO – there aren’t going to be a lot of surprises here. He loves the thing, and felt comfortable on it from the get go. It makes sense; he’s pretty much exactly the demographic that it’s made for and it shows – he falls asleep harder and faster, and gets a lot of benefit from the added support. 

Weeks 2 and 3

The real adjustment started happening here, and it was pretty steady for the next couple of weeks. It really makes a difference spending more time on it. Our thoughts: 

  • Me – I’d gotten a lot more used to the harder feeling, and started to mind it less. One thing I noticed is that I was recovering faster and with less pain after a hard day at the gym, and didn’t wake up as much in the middle of the night (some sort of insomnia is normal for me). 
  • My SO – he sleeps like the dead on it and has said increasingly unkind things about our old mattress. 

Week 4

I’ve gotten used to how the mattress feels, and have started to sleep really well. It’s much more comfortable than I expected it to be on my end. 

  • Me – I genuinely like it. I wake up feeling better than I did on our old mattress, fall asleep faster, and wake up less often. The firmness isn’t what I would have gone for if I hadn’t used it for a while, so going through the full month turned out to be a really good thing and has probably improved my sleep in the long run. 
  • My SO – probably the happiest I’ve ever seen him sleep. Not that it’s a big shock at this point, but he’s make it clear that the mattress is very, very comfortable. 

Summary, Thoughts, and Changes

Overall, it’s a really comfortable mattress and I was genuinely surprised by the quality and how much I liked it. It’s also helped improve our sleep patterns: 

  • We both spend more time sleeping at night – as two people who have/had chronic insomnia, we’ve both fallen asleep faster and had less “awake time” in the middle of the night. 
  • When one of us wakes up, the movement is less annoying – if someone is awake at 2am, there’s much less transfer of motion and we’ve woken each other up less
  • The firmer mattress hasn’t made my back hurt – this was one of my big concerns going in. I have mild scoliosis, and while stretching and exercise usually keep it from bugging me, a bad mattress can absolutely make it worse (so many bad hotel beds). This one hasn’t bothered my back at all.
  • It’s a good compromise if you’re sleeping next to someone who needs a firmer/softer mattress – that “comfort foam” layer has made a huge difference for me; I can sink in just enough to feel cozy while still benefiting from the mattress’ support. My SO sinks in more making it less of a concern on his end, so having something that makes it less hard for my side sleeping has been great. 
  • We’ve both been less sore, and I’ve felt better after workouts – I can still work out to the point of getting sore (obviously), but I haven’t had the heavy pain “locked” sort of stiffness that I’ve gotten in the past. We’ve both had less shoulder pain from computer work, too. 

It’s not the most complicated mattress on the market, but if you want something that feels good, works for people of different sizes and sleeping positions, and is pretty well priced, this is a really good option. My Pillow has a current promotion for $100 off, making it extra worth taking a look. 

More Things to Know About My Pillow's Mattress


Trial & Returns


Delivery Time

Price and Value

With their current promotion, My Pillow’s mattresses are $800 for a queen size ($900 without a discount). At less than $1,000, they’re well priced for a bed-in-a-box, and on the cheaper end for mattresses made in the USA. 

Trial and Returns

My Pillow offers a good trial period – 120 day returns, no questions asked. This is about average when buying an online mattress, and gives you four months to adjust and decide if you like it. If you live somewhere really hot or really cold, make sure to try your mattress during the worst of your weather so you can see if it helps you keep a neutral temperature at night.  


The warranty is also standard for the mattress industry – 10 years normal use, nothing crazy. Once you get your mattress, there’s an easy warranty registration through their website to help keep track of your purchase. 

Delivery Time

Shipping within the contiguous USA is free (every state but Alaska and Hawaii). They don’t specify shipping time, but mine had an estimate of 3-5 business days and got here in 3. 

My Pillow Mattress FAQs

How long does it take for My Pillow's mattress to expand?

This one was really fast – it went from rolled to 9″ in a couple of minutes, and could be used pretty much right away. 

Where are My Pillow Mattresses Made?

My Pillow makes its products at its factory in Minnesota, so their mattresses are USA made. 

Are the materials safe?

Yep! The materials are what’s called “CertiPUR-US” certified foam – this means that the foam has been tested and given a certification for health and environmental safety. CertiPUR maintains an independent list of companies that meet it’s rigorous certification and periodic re-certification guidelines; we recommend verifying that any memory foam mattress you’re considering is on there (you can see My Pillow on the list, we looked too!). 

Hasn't My Pillow had some legal troubles?

They have. Their main one was false medical claims (stating or implying that their pillow would help/cure medical conditions without evidence to back this up), and they also had issues with running permanent promotions. None of these have impacted their mattress, but if you’d like to read more, we’ve covered this in more detail here

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