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Here's the full scoop on Puffy's comfort and value, plus the best Puffy Mattress coupons, discounts, and where to buy in 2019!

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What is a Puffy Mattress?





Puffy LuxPuffy’s memory foam mattresses are designed to be comfortable, cooling, and made of quality materials that will last a long time. They’ve been rated as the best luxury mattress, pressure relief, memory foam and more, with some interesting features that set their construction apart from other bed-in-a-box options. We’ll be covering what they’re made of, where their made, and what to consider before deciding if this is a mattress you should try!

The Top 5 Things to Know About Puffy Mattresses

Just looking for the tl;dr summary? Here are the top five points, pros and cons, about buying a Puffy Mattress: 

  1. Puffy sells two types of mattress – The original Puffy Mattress has three layers of foam (cooling, contouring, and support) and is a 6-8 medium-firm mattress, while the Puffy Lux has four. The extra layer is a body-adapting foam and gives it a 5-7 medium mattress feel, as well as additional height (it’s 12” thick, and the original is 10”).
  2. There’s a 101 night trial period – Puffy has free delivery and returns with 101 nights to try the mattress and see if you like it.
  3. There’s a lifetime warranty – Product defects (within normal use) are covered for life with free replacement.
  4. Puffy has a charity program – They’ve donated thousands of mattresses for children in shelters, and give more any time they get 10 mattress shares on social media (learn more here).
  5. Most customer complaints have been about the firmness of the mattress – But the they’re not consistently one way or another, with some saying it’s too hard, and some saying it’s too soft. Basically, it’s down to preference, and there’s no mattress that works for everyone. Most people find it comfortable, but if you don’t, they are excellent about honoring their trial return policy.

If you’d like to check Puffy out, they have a discount going on right now for $300 off either the original or Puffy Lux mattress. In for the long haul? Keep reading for an in-depth look at what makes this one of the most talked about choices for 2019. 

The Materials

The mattresses come in 3 or 4 layer versions, plus a removable stain-resistant cover. Both versions can be used with any frame style and with or without a box spring underneath. Their foam is safe and eco-friendly, as independently verified in their CertiPUR-US certification.  Both mattress versions are made entirely with VPF (variable pressure foaming) foams, which are highly durable and virtually odor-free.  Their layers include:

  • Cooling cloud foam – gel infused foam to increase airflow and disperse heat while providing gentle support.
  • Climate comfort foam – foam layer designed to help keep the mattress at a neutral temperature for a more consistent night’s sleep.
  • Firm core support foam – adaptive foam base layer to provide additional comfort and support.

The Puffy Lux includes an additional, exclusive layer for more comfort and support:

  • Body adapting dual-cloud foam – only sold with the Puffy Lux mattress, this foam is made to provide increased support and comfort, and makes it a slightly softer, medium mattress, rather than the medium-firm standard Puffy.


If you’re looking for a supportive mattress, this could be a good choice for you. It’s firm without being hard, and uses a more resilient foam that tends to work for a wider size-range of people. Complaints on the texture have gone either way; it can be either too hard or too soft, depending on the person, which for most consumers puts it right in a comfortable middle-ground. When thinking about your personal mattress preferences, here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure your trial period includes the extremes of your climate – do you have super hot summers? A long winter? Make sure your 101 nights will cover the worst of your weather to make sure you’ll stay warmer or cooler as needed. Puffy is designed to work in less-than-ideal temperatures, but test it for yourself!
  • Look at how prefer to sleep – side sleepers, back sleepers, and people with some types of joint pain tend to prefer different levels of support in a mattress (more on this below).
  • Give it 30 days to adjust – it takes a month for most people to adjust to a firmer mattress, even if it’s healthier in the long run. You’ll still have a couple of months left to try the mattress after the adjustment period is over.

Remember, too, if you don’t like it, send it back. You’re making a big investment in your sleeping habits for the next decade(s); make sure it’s something that really works for you (plus, it’s why buying a mattress with such a good trial period is important). 


There isn’t a ton of variety, (it’s just the two options) but which mattress you choose will definitely make a difference. Let’s compare and contrast for sleeping style, size, and comfort: 

Puffy mattress – 6-8 medium firm mattress

  • Sleeping position – firmer mattresses tend to be better for back and stomach sleepers because of the additional support provided to the joints.
  • Person size – people who are normal to larger in size will be able to sink comfortably into a firm mattress, while it can be too hard for smaller people to feel supported.
  • Comfort and back pain – firm mattresses are great for pain caused by a soft mattress, not always great for medical/chronic joint or back pain.

Puffy Lux – 5-7 medium mattress

  • Sleeping position – softer mattresses can help side sleepers feel more comfortable and more supported.
  • Person size – people who are smaller or lighter than average won’t need to worry about feeling as though the mattress is stiff or hard.
  • Comfort and back pain – medium firmness can be helpful for people who are older, or have chronic/medical joint and back pain because of the additional contouring and give.


Puffy offers a wide range of accessories, covering pretty much everything you’d need to go to sleep. There are three types of bed frames, including a modern wood frame with headboard, metal frame, and adjustable bed. They also have comforters, pillows, etc, so you can shop in one place if you need any of the basics.

The Buying Experience


Trial & Returns


Delivery Time

Customer Service

Price and Value

At $1,150 to $1,795 for a queen (depending on the version), these mattresses are in the low-middle of the bed in a box price range. A big part of that is manufacturing; along with using quality materials, Puffy mattresses are made and assembled 100% in the USA, while most  <$800 mattresses are made overseas and shipped in. The Puffy Lux is also on the lower end of the luxury mattress price range, while still maintaining it’s excellent rating.

This pricing also doesn’t account for the current coupon deal, which lowers the standard queen size Puffy to $850 , and the Puffy Lux to $1,495.

Trial and Returns

Puffy has a really good trial and return policy, and the customer service to back it up. They offer 101 night trial to test the mattress, with free delivery and free returns (returns are done by coordinating with you to donate the unwanted mattress for a charity, prior to your refund). We recommend making sure your trial covers whatever season of the year you’re most concerned about – summer in a hot climate, or winter in a cold one. 


Puffy’s warranty is excellent; they offer lifetime warranties with free replacement. The big requirements are that the mattress is used on some sort of appropriate and correctly sized base, and hasn’t been “abused, burned, misused, or damaged by improper use.” So basically use your mattress as a mattress and defects will be covered.

Delivery Time

Shipping is free (in the contiguous US) and should take 2-5 business days by FEDEX.

Customer Service

Puffy’s customer service is well reviewed, and they work to resolve issues (returns, replacements, etc) in a timely fashion. They honor their trial policies without a hassle. 

Puffy Mattress FAQs

Do Puffy Mattress have a smell?

The VPF foam used in Puffy mattresses smells less than traditional memory foam, and is designed not to have a lingering chemical odor. So while pretty much everything has some inherent scent, Puffy mattresses will have much less of the “foam smell” that people worry about with this style. 

Where are Puffy Mattresses Made?

Puffy mattresses are made with eco-friendly methods, 100% in the USA. This includes the manufacturing, assembly, and prepping to for shipment. 

Are the materials safe?

Yep! The these use what’s called “CertiPUR-US” certified foam – this means that the foam has been tested and given a certification for health and environmental safety. CertiPUR maintains an independent list of companies that meet it’s rigorous certification and periodic re-certification guidelines; we recommend verifying that any memory foam mattress you’re considering is on there (you can see Puffy on the list, we looked too!). 

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