The Perfect Sleep Chair Problems and What to Buy Instead

Perfect Sleep Chair Complaints, and What to Look for In a Lift Chair

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A lift chair, also called a medical recovery chair, is a powered device that helps with reclining and standing.

For more on the benefits, uses and limitations of Lift Chairs, check out our Sleep Chair Overview and see the research on these alternative beds.

Manufacturer: FirstSTREET

Height Restrictions: 5’3” to 6’5” (petite version available as special order)

Weight Restrictions: 375lbs

The Good: 

The Perfect Sleep Chair is designed for sleep, includes a lift, and functions as a “medical recliner.” Their “white glove delivery” includes setup inside the house, which can be a big deal for a heavy chair (it’s 125lbs). The chair includes a battery backup system in case of a power failure to ensure safe exit, and a heated back for added comfort. The chairs are handmade and sturdy, with a lifetime warrantee on the frame, and 3-year warrantee on the electrical parts.

The Bad: 

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So in summary, Perfect Sleep Chairs are expensive, not everyone likes them, and they’re very hard to return. If you decide to get one, be very sure it’s what you want, and expect a delivery time of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of chair ordered.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

Height Restrictions: Not Specified

Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs


This is a fully powered, sturdy reclining lift with thick cushions and comfortable padding. It includes a battery backup option in case of power outages, and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the reclining mechanism. It’s about half the price of the Perfect Sleep Chair and looks more like a piece of nice furniture than a medical device. The cover is a cozy leather-look fabric that blends seamlessly into most living room decor. 


It’s 120lbs and requires some minor assembly. The manufacturer has not listed minimum and maximum height limits, or a weight limit for the product – if you are outside of the standard tested range (5’3” to 6’2,” and 300lbs), proceed with caution. The dimensions are provided, and may be helpful in determining fit.       

  • Seat – depth 21,” height 20”
  • Distance between arms – 19”
  • Reclined footrest height – 19.5”
  • Fully reclined length – 69”
  • Top of cushion to top of back – 25.5”
  • Arm height – 26”

Brand: Bonzy

Height Restrictions: Not Specified

Weight Restrictions: 300 to 330 lbs, depending on the model


It’s a very functional design, including a remote control, a pocket to keep it in, and all of the powerlift functions. For a simple chair, there are a lot of options. In addition to contemporary, it comes in modern microfiber, modern velvet, classic microfiber, and more. It’s designed to be comfortable, durable, and fit in with pretty much any living space. It also has a good warrantee, with 1 year on the fabric, and 3 years on the frame and reclining mechanism.


It’s a very functional design. This can be a good thing, but it’s a bit simpler and looks a bit more like an assistive device than some of the other options. It requires a bit of assembly. It also doesn’t list height restrictions, but here are the dimensions:        

  • Overall size: 31″W x 36″D x 40-1/2″H
  • Seat size: 20″W x 20-1/2″D x 20″H

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Manufacturer: Magic Union

Height Restrictions: Not specified

Weight Restrictions: 300lbs


This chair is shaped and styled to look like classic furniture, rather than a lift chair. It comes with a number of built-in perks, including massage, heating, and vibration functions for a relaxing, comfortable experience. There are 4 areas it can massage (leg, tight, lumbar, back) with 5 modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, normal), allowing you to customize the pressure to your needs. It comes with two remotes for easy control of the lift and massage functions.

Note: Keep the chair at least 18 inches from the wall to allow it to recline properly


The chair comes delivered in two packages and requires a bit of assembly. The cover material is PU “leather,” which can be uncomfortably warm, cold, or sticky on bear skin. It may also not be as durable as other models if needed for long-term use.

No height restrictions are provided, but the dimensions are as follows:

  • – Overall dimensions : 32″L x 34″W x 42″H
  • Seat dimensions : 21.5″L x 22″W
  • Arm height:25″
  • Seat height:19″
  • Seat depth :20″
  • Wall Clearance: 17-20″

Manufacturer: Coaster Home Furnishings

Height Restrictions: Not specified

Weight Restrictions: 350lbs


If space is a concern, the “wall hugging” design of this chair may be a good solution. Unlike most designs, it only needs to be placed 3.5 inches from the wall in order to function. It’s covered with a plush upholstery fabric, which tends to be durable, and the mechanism includes a battery backup in case of a power outage.


It’s not as durable long term as some of the available chairs. There is a 5-year warrantee on parts, but the stuffing itself may not be as solid. No height restrictions are specified, but the dimensions are:

  • Height   30 inches
  • Width    31 inches
  • Length 34 inches

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