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Beds-in-a-Box can be a great way to pay less for the best mattress of your life, if you know the options!

What is a Bed in a Box?

A bed-in-a-box is a complete mattress that’s ordered online and delivered to your home, generally in a box around the size of a mini-fridge. Most of them are made from comfortable but compressible materials like memory foam or foam latex, but they can also include a layer of traditional springs. When the beds are unpacked, they expand to conventional mattress sizes, usually over the course of a few hours. Latex and memory foam can have a slight smell during this process, but it’s generally gone in a day to a week after being opened.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Bed-in-a-Box?

There are a range of reasons to go for a bed-in-a-box over a traditional mattress, including price, convenience and shopping experience. Here are a few:

  •   Price – Beds in a box are available at pretty much every price point, from a few hundred dollars, up to several thousand. Within this range, they can be as basic or as complex as you want, with many very high-quality choices. Because they’re shipping from the manufacturer or an online distributer, there’s less overhead and they tend to cost less than the same choices in mattress stores
  •    Convenience – You can get a bed-in-a-box whenever you want it, and pretty much wherever mail is delivered. This means that there’s no reliance on the quality and inventory of mattress stores near you, and pretty much every location can have the same options.
  •    Shopping Experience – Like many businesses that operate on commission, buying from a mattress store can involve pushy sales people, hard to read contracts, and an upfront time investment. It can feel rushed, uncomfortable, and generally unsatisfying, especially for a big purchase that should last you 8 to 10 years.

What are the Downsides of Buying a Bed-in-a-Box?

The biggest downside here is pretty consistent with other online purchases – you don’t get to try the product in person before you buy it. This is a big drawback for a major purchase that you’ll be using for close to the next decade, and definitely one that shouldn’t be take lightly. It also makes doing your research important – this means understanding what kind of mattress you want, reading reviews, and looking at materials. It also means being willing to send your bed-in-a-box back if it turns out not to be right for you.

Because of this, all of the recommended options here will include a generous return policy, with the option to send your bed back for no reason other than comfort. Beds-in-a-Box can be a great way to pay less for the best mattress of your life, and you should find the one that works best for you without a big upfront risk.

With that said, here are the 6 Best Beds-in-a-Box with quality materials, great reviews, and an excellent return policy!

Try it With Confidence - Excellent Return Policies

Materials: Sleep Mattress: Breathable foam, memory foam, transition foam, support layer; Sleep Essentials: soft comfort foam, pressure release foam, base foam

Returns: 100 night satisfaction guarantee, 10-year manufacturer

Bonus Perks: Always free shipping, and Casper will pick up your mattress at no cost if you choose to return it


Casper is a pioneer in the bed-in-a-box industry, offering a simple service model with a well-made product and an excellent return policy. Voted one of Time’s 25 Best Inventions, a Big Innovation award, and one of 2017’s most innovative companies, Casper is at the top of the game for a reason.

Casper offers two types of mattresses: the Casper Sleep Mattress, with four layers of environmentally friendly foam, and the Sleep Essentials mattress, with three layers of foam at about half the price. They also offer bedding and two types of bed frames at an additional cost. Both of their mattresses can be used with or without a traditional box springs, and fit platform and adjustable bases

Materials: 2” Gel Foam, 2” Memory Foam, 2” Comfort Foam, 8” Base Foam

Returns: 30-day satisfaction, 10-year manufacturer


It’s a super thick, well balanced mattress that’s designed to promote air flow and cooler, more comfortable sleep. Designed to be firm but conforming, it’s padded memory foam helps to reduce pressure and joint aches, while the thick base provides more support than a standard foam mattress. It fits on a standard or adjustable base and is easy to set up.

It also includes two shredded memory foam pillows, which is a nice perk.


It takes a little while for this mattress to reach its full potential. Expect a super-firm feel for the first week or so, with it softening into a supportive-but-comfortable texture by the second week.

Manufacturer Warranty - OK Return Policies

Materials: 2” premium adaptive memory foam, 6” conventional foam

Returns: 10-Year Manufacturer


This is a solid, comfortable mattress from a trusted brand with a long track record. It’s designed to fit standard and adjustable frames, and includes a removable cover for easy washing. It’s easy to set up, and provides a good value for quality.


It’s a standard memory foam design that comes without a lot of fancy perks. If you like a medium-firm mattress and want something simple and comfortable, it’s not a bad option, but the relative thinness can be less comfortable and allow for more movement if you’re sleeping with a partner.

Materials: 2” memory foam, transition foam, 8” heavy-gauge coils

Returns: 10-Year Manufacturer


One of the big perks of this mattress is its hybrid design – it combines the contouring of memory foam with the support of individually-encased coils for a plusher, softer feel. It’s also designed to sleep cooler than a conventional mattress for a deeper night’s rest.


It’s a plush mattress, which means it’s softer and offers less support than many on the list. If you’re unsure of your firmness needs, you may want to stick to the options you can try and return.

Materials: 2” gel memory foam, 8” base foam

Returns: 10-Year Manufacturer


This is a wallet-friendly gel memory foam option, which means it’s cooling and comfortable. The brand offers the same basic design in a range of options, so you can go anywhere from 6-10”, or even a hybrid design, while expecting the same quality and warranty.


It’s definitely firm, which can be a good or bad thing, and fairly basic as far as bed-in-a-box options go. If you know you like a simple, firm design, it’s not a bad option.

Materials: Topper with memory foam, 1.5” comfort foam, 6” springs

Returns: 10-Year Manufacturer


If you’re looking for a starter mattress that makes the most of your budget, this is a great option. It’s a hybrid setup with memory foam quilted into the cover, 1.5” of comfort foam, and 6” steel coils. It’s easy to set up and can be used with or without conventional box springs on pretty much any type of base.

Be aware – this is a mattress marketed for students, kid’s rooms, and guest rooms. This is not going to provide the same support as a 14” mattress with 5 types of foam and individually encased springs. It’s also not meant to. It’s a solid budget option and if you pick one up, it should be judged from that perspective.


Adults may want an additional topper to get that memory foam feel. If you’re a standard adult size, you’re likely to be aware of the interior coils if you’re sleeping on this one.

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