The Top 5 Blackout Curtains to Keep You Asleep

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Keeping your room dark is one of the best ways to sleep longer and harder. Find the best blackout curtains for your bedroom and improve your sleep quality now.

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains use a combination of fabric and foam padding or heavy weave to block out 99%-100% of incoming light. They’re available in a wide range of colors and sizes, with darker colors generally blocking light better than lighter curtains. There are also “room darkening” curtains, which are designed to block between 95% and 99% of incoming light, and normal curtains, which are usually “light filtering,” meaning they block less than 95% of the light coming in.  

Why Should I Use Them?

Blackout curtains help you stay asleep. They are excellent at blocking city and car lights and keeping you from waking up at sunrise. Restricting natural light can be especially important for people that sleep at odd-hours, such as shift workers, frequent travelers, and people with young children. In addition to helping you control your sleep-wake cycle, blackout curtains have several other benefits:

Blackout Curtains Reduce Heat and Cold Loss

Because of their insulating properties, using blackout curtains helps to keep the temperature of your room the way you want it. This means you’ll stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter, with a very low-effort investment. It can be especially useful if you have older, single pane windows. If temperature control is especially important for you, pick up a set that’s specifically designed for thermal insulation.

They’re Energy Efficient

This is a side effect of the thermal insulation – using blackout curtains, especially on large windows (like those in the living room) can help reduce your energy bill. It’s not a minor change – insulated window coverings can reduce heat/cold loss by as much as 25%, and with a much lower bill than switching out the glass.

It Reduces Outside Noise

Good insulation makes a big difference in the amount of noise that filters in from outside. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, or are sensitive to outside sounds, blackout curtains are a good step in keeping your bedroom a quieter place.

The Best Blackout Curtains, and What Makes Them So Good

Pros: These super highly rated 100% blackout curtains are thick and fully lined to block as much light as possible. They’re insulating, noise reducing, and fully machine washable, making them a comfortable and convenient option. They also come in a nice variety of neutral colors, perfect for a low-key bedroom environment. Because of the black backing, even the light colors will actually block the light, which is a big benefit over curtains that use a fabric weave only. 

Important note on ordering: The two tone and sheer colors are not designed to be 100% blackout curtains; make sure the set you select has the black backing; this is what blocks the extra light. The blackout options will be marked as “100% Blackout” on the images.

Cons: As part of the light-blocking features, all of the curtains are black on one side. If having curtains that look the same on the inside and outside is important, this may not be the best choice.

Pros: This is a reliable, good quality set of blackout curtains that will get the job done. They’re made of a triple-weave fabric with no stiff liner, and Velcro ties are included to pull the curtains back as needed. It’s a solid, easy to use, functional set that comes in a range of common size options. The lighter colors seem to do a better job of filtering light than is true of many competing brands.

Cons: It’s a very no-frills design, which can be a con if you have a fancier look in mind.

Pros: These curtains include a triple layer design with a black yarn center for extra darkening. They are made from thick but smooth materials and have a quality construction. There are lots of colors available, including more unusual tones like gold and silver.

Cons: There are limited size options available, and the lighter colors provide significantly less room darkening than the dark colors.

Pros: One of the major benefits of Miuco’s curtains is their color selection. They have a big range of options that all using the same triple-weave construction, so the color is the same on the front and the back. The bottom of the curtains is weighted to improve the way it hangs, and the set comes with tie backs for when you want them open.

Cons: As with most curtains, the darker colors will block out light better than the lighter colors. For true blackout experience in this brand, go for something in a darker shade.

Love your curtains, but need to have it dark? These liners can be added to your curtain rod along with your existing curtains to create a blackout effect.

Pros: You can have whatever curtains you want, and still have a darker, more comfortable room. They’re easy to retrofit onto an existing setup (just alternate or hook on to your existing curtains) and come in a range of convenient sizes. It’s a really nice option if you like what you have, and don’t want to switch out your whole set of drapery.

Cons: You’re going to have a white panel either on the inside or outside of your curtains, which may be less aesthetically pleasing than a double-sided blackout curtain set.

Note when ordering: This is for the insulated curtain liner only – it does not come with curtains

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