The 2020 Insomniac Gift Guide

What to get your friends, family, and colleagues who spend a little too much time awake

When your loved one never seems to sleep, embrace it and get them something that will make those late nights better. These thoughtful gifts are sure to help the insomniacs you know feel a little more cozy this winter.

Gifts for When They Want to Sleep

There’s no guarantee for falling asleep, but a good sleep environment helps. 

If they have back and neck pain

A great pillow makes a big difference in how you fall asleep and sleep hard. This hotel-quality set by Sable features a hypo-allergenic, fully adjustable filling designed to stay in place and provide lasting comfort. 

If they could use more relaxation

Encourage relaxation and a peaceful bedroom routine with an essential oil diffuser. The nice thing about this set is that it includes the oils, so you’re giving them everything they need to get started using it right away. 

Gifts for When They're Still Awake

Awake time – it happens. Sometimes the best you can do is make yourself comfy and try not to bother your sleep-mates. 

If they like music or podcasts

These masks allow insomniacs to stream whatever sound they want while keeping their bedroom quiet. Also great for long flights and train rides. If you’d prefer the sound without the mask, Bluetooth headbands are also a good choice. 

If they like to read

Designed especially for reading in bed, these clip-on rechargeable lights have 3-brightness levels and up to 40 hours of reading time on a single charge. Their soft-light is meant to be easier on the eyes, and perfect for nighttime use. 

Gifts for Making their Morning a Little Bit Better

Part of insomnia is playing catch-up on sleep and trying not to be annoyed with your alarm. A little control over the light can go a long way towards making mornings not so tough. 

If they want to sleep in later

Perfect for sleeping in, jet lag or trying to adjust to a night-shift, blackout curtains help control the sleep environment. Order a dark color for maximum light-blocking and a true night-like ambiance. 

If they want to wake up naturally

Sunrise alarms emit a slow gradient of increasing light before the sound goes off to mimic a natural sunrise. Use with blackout curtains to decide exactly when your morning is. 

Gifts for Insomniacs with Kids

Kids! They’re amazing, but not for your sleep. These gifts will help kids sleep and give parents a little morning reprieve. 

If their kids are early risers

For parents who love to play, but not at 5:30 in the morning. This color-coded clock helps little ones understand when it’s time to be up and when it’s time to sleep or play quietly. It also works as a night light and timer. 

To help their child sleep anywhere

Help make sleep and bedtime more fun with an animal sleeping bag! These wrap-around blankets give something extra to look forward to, and come in a wide range of entertaining characters. 

Gifts for Coworkers and People You Don't Know As Well

Know your colleague doesn’t sleep but want to make sure you’re office-friendly? Here are some useful but appropriate gifts that say “I care, but not in a weird way.” 

For coffee and tea drinkers

Make amazing coffee, anytime, anywhere with this all-in-one French press coffee mug. Just add grounds, hot water, and wait for it to brew. Also amazing for avoiding hotel coffee. 

For a desktop refuge

Compact and simple enough for a professional environment, these sand art dynamic images add a little interest and relaxation to a busy office setting. 

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